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What makes a great personal statement? We know, and we will help you to write the best possible one!

Personal statements

What makes a great personal statement? We know, and we will help you to write the best possible one!

Stand out from the crowd with our personal statement course.

We will help you discover what to write to truly portray yourself in the best way.

We have a team of experts at hand to tell you exactly what university admissions staff are expecting to read in your statement.

In a rush? No problem! We have an express service that will ensure you get your Personal Statement in time, and ready to upload!


Easily navigate the UCAS system with out help. We will ensure you never miss a deadline, and we are always at hand to help you submit your documents.

Learn with our start course on how to use UCAS.

Stay in control of your uploads with our personal timeline.

Ensure that you make the right choices to achieve your dream university.

Interview training

With our team of Cambridge and Oxford specialists, interview training has never been more effective.

What do interviewers expect to hear from you? We will train you in the best way to approach your vital interview.

Our experienced team of interview trainers will guide you through the secrets of the Oxbridge interview process.

Understand why you are asked certain things in your interview, and what you can do to stand out among the crowd.

Visa and immigration assistance

It can be hard to navigate the paperwork of the immigration process. We are here to help.

We have decades of experience handling the immigration procedure, from applying to receiving your UK visa.

We help with guardianship and legal issues that you might encounter moving to the UK.

Don't let some paperwork error stop you from going to your dream university. Let us use our vast experience to help your dreams come true.

"Elm helped me reach the university of my dreams. Their guidance helped me to enter into KCL."

Alex KCL, London
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